All the last months here me and my husband Tiago worked on the production and photo content for Urban Shepherd Boots. All because we finally relaunched the brand after being paused for half of a year. Meanwhile, a lot of changes happened: Urban Shepherd moved to Texas, US! However, the product is Portuguese, starting from the shoe laces and ending with the hands of Portuguese artisans.

It’s a very significant moment for us, and we are happy to meet another family who shared our love for the boots through the Atlantic Ocean, who became Tiago’s partners and together made a big step forward. I’m grateful, because Urban Shepherd is like a kid. One day I met Tiago in his shop, so this is how everything started. That’s why I’m living the dream in Portugal with the man of my dream. Thank you Urban Shepherd..
Before I get too sentimental, I invite you to check some pictures we were making around Portugal. 

Thank you!