Hooray! Looks like I found a format I like most of all for answering all the questions about our life in the caravan!

Our story is very simple. In Barcelona we had a hard time with Tiago’s business, our life was getting very stressed and miserable in a small dark apartment.

We were looking for all the opportunities around to grow, to get better. One of them was to find our place in Portugal, where Tiago is from, to be closer to the nature, to build a house, to have dogs, kids or whatever we want. So it became real faster, than we thought - the land was found soon. We wanted to stay in Barcelona for a bit longer to save some money for building, but it was impossible to do - nothing worked out. So we had to buy a caravan and escape as soon as possible to our land, to stop paying bills, rent, to stop this amount of stress, that wasn’t helping us at all.

So here we are. Improving our conditions every day step by step! In the beginning it was nothing.. We couldn’t even enter on our property, because we didn’t have a ramp. And together we built it without money, but with our hands.

It was hard. But we knew we’ll be alright. In Barcelona we installed a solar panel system for electricity and a compost toilet. Our first steps for being self sustainable. Then in Portugal we found a fountain just next to us with the cleanest water, that comes from the mountains. We could drink it, wash dishes, make showers.. Our clothes we wash in a public laundry, but Tiago has a beautiful fantasy of me washing everything in a river with my hands. Hmm, such a romantic idea for a photo shoot! Now we don’d need to go to the fountain so often, because we have access to water from a canal.


We can’t say it changed our mindset radically, because Tiago already had a similar experience in Costa Rica, living in a big commune for 1 year. Me.. I’m open minded, so I feel, that I want to experience a lot of new things that make me even scared. I knew I will be more connected to nature, so now it feels just right, when I listen to the birds instead of stupid neighbours, I watch the moon, the stars, the sunsets every day. It can’t be more blessing, relaxing and inspiring. But one thing changed for sure.. I became more patient and I know, that all the best things need time. Before I had a problem of waiting and wanted all my wishes to come true immediately, just like a kid. We are planting our trees, grass. We learn, how to build a house. It’s our daily routine. To clean, to build, to enjoy the day, to boil water for our shower, to clean and organise the space again. Here we feel time. Days don’t pass by, like it was happening to us before.

We don’t miss comfort of a big city, because now we are more comfortable than ever before. If we want to have kids, we wouldn’t like to stay in the caravan, we want to do it in a house. It’s about a balance. It’s possible, but for what.. Doesn’t make sense for us. The other thing is two doggies! They have all the land to run around together and all the walks we make with them in nature.

We still don’t grow anything to eat, but I already have some seeds from my new friend :) I don’t speak Portuguese, but already understand a lot, because I was learning Spanish before, it’s kinda similar. 


Questions about money are not our favourite ones. I do my Instagram and photo content for other brands. Tiago is bringing his brand back to life, but all the secrets about it we will open later. We are very excited!

Finally, the best thing about living in a caravan for us is freedom, challenges and inspiration for the next little and big projects we have.

The most difficult thing about it is emmm hmm well, it's scary during a hurricane or a stormy weather.


Thank you! I hope you liked our little story and didn't forget to watch a little video in my Instagram!